Planning A Destination Wedding? Avoid A Logistical Nightmare By Renting A Bus Charter

Destination weddings are enjoyable for everyone in the wedding party and for those who attend — unless, of course, some of the wedding party or honored guests are delayed during their travels. To avoid this nightmarish situation, rent a bus charter. That way, you won't have to worry about the logistics of everyone getting to the destination wedding on time when they use different modes of transportation.

Additionally, you can take advantage of special features on the bus to create a celebratory atmosphere. Here are a few ideas. 

Play a Special Video

When you call to arrange a bus charter, tell them that you want a bus that has the capability of playing videos for the passengers. Brainstorm with your soon-to-be spouse to come up with video ideas to have your passengers watch as they travel to your destination wedding. For example, you can hire a videographer to make a quirky movie about how you met or give the passengers a video tour of your new home. Alternatively, you can download various photographs for a slideshow to be watched aboard the bus charter.

Provide Refreshments

Depending on the time of day when your wedding party and special guests will be traveling, as well as how long they'll be on the road, provide them with refreshments. There will be plenty of room for a cooler to keep food and drinks cold, but check with the bus charter service first to see if they have a mini-fridge or cooler that can be included in the charter package. It's important to note that most bus charter services do not allow the use of glass containers, so be sure all of your passengers will know this rule before the bus departs. Also, even though alcohol will likely be permitted during the travels, you may want to limit the alcohol consumption until after your wedding ceremony. 

Request Wi-Fi Capability

Most bus charter services provide Wi-Fi capability upon request. Having this feature will be especially helpful if the destination is a long distance away. Providing Wi-Fi for your wedding party and special guests as they travel can help keep them entertained and, if necessary, the Wi-Fi can be used for work-related purposes in case any of them need to regularly check their email or scroll through and post on social media platforms without using their data. 

After your wedding ceremony, the bus charter can then serve as a party bus, if you so choose. Enjoy your wedding!