What Are Your Options for Getting to the Airport?

There are a wide variety of services that can get you to your flight on time when you are traveling. These can be a door-to-door service or a location-based service. Often, the type of service you use is based on how and why you are traveling.

Door-to-Door Services

An airport service that picks you up at your place of residence and drops you off at the airport is the most comprehensive type. These can be broken down into several categories:

1. Traditional Taxis: Taxi services are provided by licensed taxi companies, many of which have been operating for decades or more. Taxis operate with identifiable vehicles and metered rate services based upon distance and mileage driven.

2. Ride-hailing Service: This option allows you to catch a ride is provided by a person who uses their own vehicle and signs up through a popular ride-hailing platform. You can schedule a ride through an app and the nearest driver can select the ride to pick up the passenger.

3. Airport Shuttles: An airport shuttle service can fall into more than one of the categories. Some shuttle services will pick you up at your door, and then proceed to pick up other passengers along the way before you arrive at the airport.

Pickup Location-to-Airport Services

Other services don't pick you up at your door. Instead, you get to the designated location where the service starts, and the service does the rest to get you to the airport. Here are your options if you need to be picked up somewhere that's not your home. 

1. Airport Shuttles: An airport shuttle can also take you from a designated starting, or passenger collection, point to the airport. In this case, you must get to the pickup location before you can use the service to the airport.

2. Trains or high-speed rail: Some cities are equipped with train or high-speed rail systems that will take you directly to the airport. You can get to the pickup point by car, bus, or some other means.

3. Subways: In more urban cities, there may be a subway system that can take you directly to the airport. You may have to change lines several times to get there, but it can be a great way to avoid the rush hour traffic if it is available.

4. Public Buses: Often, public transportation will be able to get you to the airport, as well. Buses may take some time to get you there, and like others in this category, require you to get to the bus stop before you can be picked up.

Each of these services has its advantages and disadvantages. The corporate traveler, for example, may require a door-to-door service to guarantee that he or she makes it to the airport at a set time; also, the ability to be reimbursed for the ride can make this option attractive. Large families or groups traveling together may want to instead use a shuttle because of the number of people that can be taken at the same time.

Regardless of your situation, you can get to the airport. Contact services like Empire Corporate Transportation to learn more.