Tips For Using LTL Shipping

Less than load shipping is a great option for many businesses, whether they wish to send out just a few items per month or to ship on a regular basis. This simple solution can work well, especially if you request an LTL shipping quote ahead of time, compare that quote from one carrier to the next, and also do your part to get the lowest quote possible.

Thankfully, all of these things are relatively easy to do if you can just follow a few basic tips.

Measure And Weigh Shipments

When requesting LTL shipping, a common mistake people make is not weighing and measuring their cargo. If you guesstimate in terms of your cargo's bulk, the LTL provider will be forced to give the best possible quote from the information provided.

Sometimes, if you overestimate, this might work in your favor and you end up paying less than expected. More often than not, however, people vastly underestimate the dimensions of their cargo and are then upset when their shipment costs more than they planned for or, even worse yet, cannot be delivered by their chosen provider.

To avoid these situations, measure your shipments thoroughly. Know their exact weight and dimensions so that you can get an accurate quote and also ensure that your chosen provider will be able to serve you as requested.

Discuss Unique Requests

Sometimes, when using LTL shipping, you might have an item that cannot be packaged like the majority of other items or that cannot fit on a pallet.

In most cases, your shipping provider will be able to accommodate your request, but that's a lot harder to do if they are not aware of special needs ahead of time. Plus, not indicating any special requirements can make your shipping quote inaccurate.

Thus, if you know that you will have special shipping needs, don't just choose the option closest to your needs and hope for the best. Instead, speak with your LTL shipping provider to work out the best solution. Often times, in doing so, you can work out something much more affordable than you would otherwise get.

Be Careful With Your BOL

Finally, the bill of lading, or BOL, is one of the most important parts of a LTL shipping agreement. It specifies where your items will be shipped, what they are, and other necessary details.

Be sure to fill this form out fully and accurately to get the same shipping price you were quoted and to also protect both you and your items.

LTL shipping is a great option. But, to ensure smooth, successful shipping with no unwanted surprises along the way, you must do your part and follow these useful tips. You can go to website to get more information on your options.