The Pros And Cons Of Being A Truck Driver

Truck driving can be a very exciting and lucrative career. As a truck driver, you will drive semi-trucks full of goods from one source to another. Most drivers carry retail products to stores so they can keep their items in stock. The items you deliver can vary depending on the company you work for. Some of them may even have you hauling live animals.

Becoming a truck driver involves certain schooling and a special driving license that you must get before you can legally drive any semi-trucks. Before you take these steps, you should make sure that truck driving is the right career for you. This guide goes over the pros and cons of being a truck driver.


There are several benefits associated with becoming a truck driver.


The salary that a CDL driver makes is a large incentive. Even drivers who are just starting out make a pretty decent salary. Most companies will pay you a certain wage per mile that you travel. A lot of them will also give yearly raises based on performance.


Driving a semi means a lot of travel. It is a great way to see new locations and visit new states that you have never been to before. Some companies will send you several thousands of miles away from home. This gives you the opportunity to see the entire country, from one side to the other.


These are some of the disadvantages of being a truck driver.


The training to become a CDL qualified driver can cost several thousand dollars. You can try to get a loan to offset the cost of the training if you don't have it readily available. The good news is some trucking companies will reimburse you for part or all of the training costs. Others will offer a signing bonus that you can use to pay off the training loan.


People with children may find it hard to be gone so much. Truck drivers are gone for days or even weeks at a time. If you have a family and still want to be a truck driver, you can apply for a company that doesn't travel farther than a day's travel away from home.


If you are still interested in starting a career as a truck driver, the first thing you need to do is find training schools in your area. Contact local driving companies to inquire about schools if you have trouble finding one.

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