Ordering TEG Online? Use These Suggestions

Triethylene glycol, or TEG, is one of many substances which can be used in all kinds of applications across different industries. Whether you're using the liquid as a lubricant in an industrial facility or picking it up for research purposes, ordering online is now a possibility. The following precautions should be taken whenever seeking TEG online.

1-Order Domestically

Even though triethylene glycol is a relatively stable compound, there could be tariffs, customs documents and other paperwork associated with ordering from international TEG suppliers. However, when ordering online, it's not always immediately apparent that you're considering an international vendor; unusually low prices could be a factor, but if you're eager to supply your facility cheaply, that can be overlooked until the shipping portion of checkout. For easier transactions, consider domestic TEG suppliers only.

2-Be Mindful of Concentration

Because of different applications, be aware that not all triethylene glycol will be perfect for your facility's needs. For example, if you're researching polymers, it's possible that the triethylene glycol you purchase online is in line with reference standards that you've already been using. Double-check the quality and concentration of the compound before completing orders.

3-Check Shelf-Life

You're unlikely to use all the triethylene glycol you order at once. Therefore, it must have a long enough shelf-life that you can depend on its effectiveness for use. Therefore, before ordering, ensure you're aware of and satisfied with the shelf-life of the TEG you're about to buy.

4-Call Customer Service

Ordering online is likely something you've grown accustomed to, and perhaps you've never called customer service for any website until after you've received your item. However, when ordering triethylene glycol, contacting customer service at this point could be smart. Not only can they confirm details and answer questions about their offerings, but discussing the compound with a person can make you certain that purchase problems are rectified without the frustration of not being to talk with anyone helpful. If a website's customer service isn't very good, rethinking your purchase is a possibility.

5-Have Someone Handle Storage

After ordering, you or team members should be prepared to receive the TEG shipment and store it. Some triethylene glycol orders can be substantial; being personally responsible for placement and storage inside your facility ensures no spills occur.

With these suggestions triethylene glycol purchases from online sites can go smoothly. Further discussion with colleagues, peers and work team members is advised.