Why You Should Consider Breaking The Tradition Of Giving People Rides From The Airport

There's often a tradition: if someone comes to visit you, you should pick them up at the airport. But does this always make sense? In fact, in many cases, an airport transportation service would be more efficient for everyone. Here are some things to consider.

The Time You Wait

The time spent on an airport pick up is usually much more than what someone would spend if they took an airport taxi. You, as the host, must get there early, often fighting through traffic conditions. You don't want to be late to pick your friend or family member up, so you get there 15 or 20 minutes early. Then, you have to wait for the person to get off of the plane, which is often a few minutes late. Sometimes, you can wait an hour or more, because you didn't know the flight was delayed. After all of this, you wait for baggage claim. Your friend tries to locate your car. All in all, it amounts to several hours of lost time. And the kicker is that you have to travel in the car twice as long as your friend or family member. 

Now, compare this to an airport transportation service. You help your friend or family member book this service ahead of time. They have a designated pick up spot, and you send them the map ahead of time so that they know where to go. The airport taxi service is good at estimating what time the person will be done with customs and baggage claim, and they are there waiting right in time. They are also excellent at tracking flight arrival times, and since they are probably already at the airport, they can do this very quickly. 

To top it off, they have a nicer car than yours. Your relative is picked up in a warm, stylish, comfortable car. They easily help your relative pack their luggage in the trunk and deliver door to door service. You get to begin your visit on a great note, with each person easily getting where they need to go. 

This is just some food for thought for the next time you're contemplating offering an airport ride to a friend or family member. Wouldn't it be a little better for everyone if they just took the taxi? Although traditions are lovely, this is one that may need to be rethought as affordable and convenient options emerge. To learn more, contact an airport transportation company like Summit Express