Ways To Evaluate A Hotel Valet Service When Writing A Hotel Review

If you've recently had a hotel stay at a high-end property and you want to share your experience with prospective guests through an online review, it's important to evaluate each of the hotel's main services. For hotels with valet parking services, this is something worth referencing in your hotel review too. Future guests will want to know about this service so that they can decide in advance whether it's something they wish to use. The key to reviewing something is to be as specific as you can. Here are some different factors that you can use to review the hotel's valet service.

Care Of Your Vehicle

You should always mention what type of care the valet service took of your vehicle. This is an important factor when someone wishes to evaluate whether he or she will use the valet service. You want the driver to drive your vehicle gently, put the seat and mirror back in place upon adjusting them, and avoid having his or her feet brush up against the inside of your door when getting in and out. For example, you could write, "The valet was several inches shorter than me and needed to obviously move the seat. But, when I got the vehicle back, the seat was back where I had it originally."


When you visit a high-end hotel, the valets should be highly attentive. This means not only parking your vehicle when you arrive and retrieving it when you leave, but also providing other services. For example, it's customary for a valet to cheerfully help you with your luggage. Valets should also be familiar enough with the area that they can provide driving instructions for you. For example, you might write, "I'm directionally challenged, but my valet gave me the quickest route to get out of the downtown and onto the highway."

Speed In Helping You

You want your valets to be quick whether you've just arrived at the hotel or you've just checked out. Note the degree of hustle you see from the valet when he or she takes your valet slip and goes to retrieve your vehicle, for example. The valet doesn't need to run, but you want to see him or her walk quickly and avoid stopping to do anything else on the way. You could write, "The valet was lightning-fast after taking my valet slip, and my car was sitting in front of me in just a minute or two."